Student Experience Overview

cybersecurity@berkeley brings the experience and rigor of a UC Berkeley program to you, no matter where you are. With live, face-to-face video classes and interactive course work on our virtual platform, you can deepen your expertise and cultivate relationships with like-minded professionals around the world without having to relocate.

Personalized Learning — Delivered Online

As a cybersecurity@berkeley student, you will join classmates and professors face-to-face in real time for engaging, weekly online classes. Live classes take advantage of interactive functions such as document and video sharing, live chats, break out rooms, polling capabilities and synchronized annotation.

Distinguished School of Information and College of Engineering faculty develop and lead advanced courses in the program. Our faculty include industry practitioners and postdoctoral scholars who bring diverse perspectives and deep professional experience to the program.


Intimate class sizes foster rich discussion and close collaboration.


Online classrooms are available via both desktop and mobile devices.


Weekly, self-paced course work available 24/7.

Real-World Applications

The online Master of Information and Cybersecurity (MICS) program will provide you with hands-on experience applying cybersecurity tools and techniques to live and simulated computer systems. You will learn to build and manage secure systems and applications, and be able to apply insights from cybersecurity law, ethics, politics, economics, and behavioral theory to your work.


As a cybersecurity@berkeley student, you will attend a cybersecurity immersion program on the UC Berkeley campus in Berkeley, California, or another U.S. location relevant to cybersecurity. The immersion will draw from the unique cybersecurity resources located at each location to provide you with additional learning, networking, and community-building opportunities

During these three- to four-day experiences, you may:

  • Attend lectures, workshops, and conferences
  • Participate in networking events with industry leaders
  • Attend “tech treks” and visit leading cybersecurity companies
  • Participate in leadership seminars
  • Explore host cities with classmates

Capstone Project

The capstone is designed to integrate all the core skills and concepts learned during the MICS program and prepare you to compete in the professional cybersecurity job market.

Learn more about the curriculum.

Support Services

The cybersecurity@berkeley support team is your partner in achieving your professional goals. Support begins the moment you request information about the program and continues beyond graduation.

Admissions Guidance

Once you request information, you will be assigned a dedicated Admissions Counselor. Your Admissions Counselor will be available to answer any questions you might have about the application process or the online platform. Your Admissions Counselor will also be available to schedule virtual tours of the platform.

Student Support

Once you are enrolled in the program, you will have access to robust academic and technical support. You will be assigned a personal support adviser who is always available to meet one-on-one. You will also have access to a support team that can provide 24/7 technical assistance.

Career Services

Whether you are looking to advance in your current organization or pivot to a new role, we are available to provide resources that can help you navigate your career journey. Our career services include personalized career planning meetings, interactive leadership sessions, and networking events. You will draw on the UC Berkeley network to find unique opportunities and meet industry leaders.

Alumni Community

After graduation, you will join the I School's global alumni network, which includes worldwide connections and a home base in Silicon Valley, one of the nation’s top technology and innovation hubs. You will also have continued access to the UC Berkeley network and career services, including coaching to refine your brand and career development strategy.

MICS for Life

The cybersecurity@berkeley student experience continues long after graduation with the MICS for Life benefit. Through this lifelong resource, you will be able to stay informed on the newest developments in the constantly evolving cybersecurity world by accessing newly-released research and information that continues to update on the I School Virtual Campus. You will also have access to all previously completed MICS coursework, recorded class sessions, and insights from UC Berkeley’s expert faculty.

LinkedIn Premium Career Membership

All MICS students receive LinkedIn Premium Career access to help them apply the skills developed in the program. Using the following resources, students can:

  • Send direct messages to job posters to make an impression before they apply
  • See their profile views in the last 90 days and how job posters found them
  • Get listed as a featured job applicant and stand out to recruiters
  • Use Applicant Insights to apply with confidence and see how they compare to other job applicants
  • Get in-demand skills through access to online courses taught by industry experts
  • Receive instant access to salary insights without sharing their personal data

Global Access to a Network of Workspaces Through WeWork

All cybersecurity@berkeley students will receive a Global Access subscription to WeWork workspaces. WeWork is a global community of workspaces that stretch over hundreds of locations in more than 20 countries. You will be able to utilize any WeWork workspace as a go-to study space, a resource while traveling, or as a place to meet with classmates you connect with in your city.

As a cybersecurity@berkeley student, you will have access to all WeWork events, locations and amenities, including: Wi-Fi, printing and copying, private rooms, refreshments, on-site support, etc.